RW 059: Can There Be “Healthy” Junk Food?

healthy junk food

Today on the Regained Wellness Podcast we are looking at companies trying to jump on the health bandwagon by making healthier versions of their products and how you can make the best nutrition choices possible. Does healthy junk food really exist? In This Episode” Healthy Junk Food” You Will Learn: What changes went into Pepsi… Read More

RW 058: The Gluten Lie With Alan Levinovitz

The Gluten Lie

Today on the Regained Wellness Podcast my guest is the author of the book The Gluten Lie Alan Levinovitz In This Episode About The Gluten Lie You Will Learn: About how Alan’s background provides great insight into nutritional issues The confusion around MSG dangers The confusion over gluten sensitivity How big name authors are creating… Read More

Intermittent Fasting: The Key To Weight loss?

Intermittent Fasting

O.k so what is this intermittent fasting you may have heard so much about? It’s definitley become a hot topic lately as the ancient idea of fasting is showing to have some real scientific backing to it as far as it’s ability to improve your health, help you lose weight and build muscle. So let’s… Read More

RW 056: 12 Reasons That You Need To Exercise

12 reasons you need to exercise

Today on the Regained Wellness Podcast I lay out 12 of the best reasons that you need to be exercising. In This Episode You Will Learn: Specifically how exercise makes you lose weight It’s role in cardiovascular health How exercise combats diabetes The role in cognitive health and brain function How it improves bone strength… Read More

RW 054: The Saturated Fat Myth

the saturated fat myth

On this episode of the Regained Wellness Podcast we are talking all about something that has misunderstood, misdiagnosed and dismissed for decades: Saturated Fat In This Episode You Will Learn: Other myths we hold to be true like the Great Wall Of China visible from space Who Ancel Keys was and his role in our… Read More

RW 053: Top Nutrition TIps From The Experts

nutrition tips from experts

In this episode of the Regained Wellness podcast I contact 16 of the very best nutrition professionals out there who passed on their best tips for those getting started out in a healthier lifestyle. This is also a good refresher if you’ve become stuck in your diet. Resources Mentioned In This Episode Episode #40: Andrea… Read More

RW 051: How To Choose The Best Personal Trainer


Today on the Regained Wellness podcast I’m talking about something near and dear to my heart, personal training. I’ve been a trainer for years and can provide a good insight into picking the best one for your needs. In This Episode You Will Learn: My own background and history as a trainer The gyms and… Read More