A Quick & Easy Recipe: Energy Balls


I don’t have a lot of time each day, I’m guessing you don’t either and one of the biggest pains, let’s be honest, is making and preparing food and meals. It’s no accident why fast food is a so huge. It’s convenient. I’m not going to get into here about all the additives and chemicals… Read More

RW 035: 5 Reasons You Need More Fiber


In this episode of the Regained Wellness podcast we are talking all about something that has a lot more health benefits than you may realize: Fiber. In This Episode You Will Learn: Why fiber is so much more than roughage Difference between soluble and insoluble fiber Best sources of soluble and insoluble fiber How fiber… Read More

Why You Need To Be Aware Of FODMAPS


You might have seen this term spring up in the last little while and maybe aren’t sure what they are or how they can affect your health. Lets have a deeper look into the FODMAP issue and how it applies to your health and wellness. What Are FODMAP’s? This is probably the best place to… Read More

RW 033: Is Stevia The Best Sweetener Choice?


Today’s episode of the Regained Wellness Podcast focuses on an old school substance; Stevia. Is it worth using it instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners? In This Episode You Will Learn: What stevia is how long humans have been using it what forms of it are best what it is best used for surprising health… Read More

5 Ways To Take Back Your Health

Taking Back Your Health

If you’re like me then you probably have an extensive collection of old He-Man action figures. But also If you’re like me you’ve probably become sick of conflicting information when it comes to your health and wellness. Along with that you have giant corporations trying to shove actual garbage down your throat and bombard you… Read More

RW 032: 7 Nutrition Books You Need To Read

Top nutrition books

In this episode of the Regained Wellness podcast I share 7 books that I think are essential for getting an understanding of nutrition and how it pertains to your health and wellness Books That I Cover & Review: Protein Power – by Michael Eades Death By Food Pyramid – by Denise Minger Wheat Belly –… Read More