Coffee Benefits And Canadians

coffee benefits

Being Canadian we always have the need to claim misidentified celebrities as our own. Those people that are associated as American a lot of times are Canadian. Some examples: JIm Carrey Dan Akroyd Martin Short Avril Lavigne Rick Moranis* Ryan Gosling* Ryan Reynolds* Rachel McAdams Drake Bieber… *Denotes handsomeness Not a lot we can do… Read More

RW 042: How Pat Flynn Took Back His Health

Pat Flynn

I’m really psyched to welcome my guest Pat Flynn to the Regained Wellness podcast today. Pat is a hugely successful entrepreneur and podcaster who I have been listening to for years. Over the years of listening to Pat I noticed him mentioning about making changes in his life regarding fitness and nutrition. Pat joins us… Read More

RW 041: Protein; How Much Do You Need?


In Today’s episode of the Regained Wellness Podcast I want to share information on all things protein. In This Episode You Will Learn: What makes up protein How protein is digested Why we need it and its role in: Tissue repair, growth, immune function, energy etc Best sources of it How much you should have… Read More

The Best Places For You To Grocery Shop

grocery shopping

Grocery shopping has become more overwhelming than trying to figure out how Kim Kardashian remains famous. Depending where you live there are an abundance of grocery store options from giant supermarkets that are set up like casinos to small little roadside stands, and everything in between. I like to look at this issue in regards… Read More

RW 039: Jonathan Bailor & The Calorie Myth

Jonathan Bailor

In this episode of the Regained Wellness Podcast I’m pumped to have my guest Jonathan Bailor on. Jonathan is the author of the Calorie Myth which is a New York Times best seller and will change the way you think about calories and how your body really works. In This Episode You Will Learn: How… Read More

RW 038: The Best Apps For Your Health & Fitness

Health and fitness apps

In this episode of the Regained Wellness podcast we are looking at the real benefits that can come from technology and some of the top apps that can help you make improvements to your health, fitness and nutrition. In This Episode You Will Learn: The advancements in your phone and technology how technology can improve… Read More