Free radicals, Antioxidants & Ninja Turtles

free radicals and antioxidants

From reading this blog hopefully you’ve got up to speed with specific nutrition issues that are crucial to optimal health such as the gluten issue, how much protein you need and my feelings on Kim Kardashian just to name a few. Today we look at the issue of free radicals which is a term that gets… Read More

RW 047: Nora Gedgaudas, Primal Body Primal Mind

Nora Gedgaudas

Today on the Regained Wellness Podcast I’m thrilled to have my biggest influence in the field of nutrition on, Nora Gedgaudas. In This Episode You Will Learn: Nora’s personal background and her overcoming depression What our ancestors diet looked like The damage you are doing from following a modern diet How we are designed to… Read More

RW 046: Adrenal Health With Kelsey Marksteiner, RD

Kelsey Marksteiner

My guest today is Kelsey Marksteiner, RD from here to talk about adrenal fatigue and how to keep your adrenals functioning properly. In This Episode You Will Learn: What the adrenal glands are What adrenal fatigue really is This issue with stress hormones and cortisol How low blood sugar can be seen as a… Read More

RW 045: Omega 3 & Fish Oil

Omega 3 & Fish Oil

This episode of the Regained Wellness podcast we are talking about omega 3 and fish oil. What benefits do they provide and what role do they play in fighting off inflammation, heart disease, joint pain, diabetes etc In This Podcast You Will Learn: Why fish is a swimming multi-vitamin The issue surrounding toxins in fish… Read More

Product Review: Everlast Vegan Protein

Everlast Vegan Protein

So I’ve been running this blog for a little while now and I get various companies reaching out to me to try out new products (still waiting on YOU Porsche..) I hear from a lot of supplement companies with different products, some good, some not so good. Besides working in gyms I have managed some… Read More

RW 044: What Are FODMAPS?


This episode of the Regained Wellness Podcast focuses on a newer nutrition issue but one that can be effecting anyone with digestion problems or IBS: FODMAPS In This Episode You Will Learn: What FODMAPS are The issues they can cause Which foods contain high amounts of FODMAPS Foods that have low FODMAPS Potential relief for… Read More

RW 043: Mark Schatzker: The Dorito Effect

Mark Schatzker

In this episode of the Regained Wellness  Podcast Mark Schatzker joins me to talk all about his amazing new book The Dorito Effect. This book will change the way that you think about something that seemed so simple: The flavor of foods. In This Episode You Will Learn: What chips can tell us about what… Read More

Coffee Benefits And Canadians

coffee benefits

Being Canadian we always have the need to claim misidentified celebrities as our own. Those people that are associated as American a lot of times are Canadian. Some examples: JIm Carrey Dan Akroyd Martin Short Avril Lavigne Rick Moranis* Ryan Gosling* Ryan Reynolds* Rachel McAdams Drake Bieber… *Denotes handsomeness Not a lot we can do… Read More

RW 042: How Pat Flynn Took Back His Health

Pat Flynn

I’m really psyched to welcome my guest Pat Flynn to the Regained Wellness podcast today. Pat is a hugely successful entrepreneur and podcaster who I have been listening to for years. Over the years of listening to Pat I noticed him mentioning about making changes in his life regarding fitness and nutrition. Pat joins us… Read More