RW 017: How To Feel More Full Without Overeating


This episode of the Regained Wellness podcast discusses ways in which you can avoid overeating and allow yourself to feel more full naturally. It also shares some insights into how food manufacturers create additives and ingredients that make you crave their “foods” while never creating satisfaction. In This Episode You Will Learn: Why junk food… Read More

RW 016: Dangers Of Microwave Cooking

microwave dangers

This episode of the Regained Wellness podcast focuses on something we all have an probably use every day, a microwave.  There’s a reason why people use the expression ‘nuke it in the microwave’ and in this show I share some of the very real dangers that can come from using one constantly. In This Episode… Read More

RW 013: 5 Tips For Fat Loss

fat loss

This episode of the Regained Wellness podcast is all about 5 things you can do to help promote body fat loss It’s the time of year when many people join gyms for the first time. You may have already been part of a gym or exercise program but right at the top of everyones list… Read More

RW 011: How To Cope With Stress


This episode o fthe Regained Wellness podcast deals with the silent killer; Stress. This time of year can be very stressful for a lot of people and this short episode is a must listen. It is crucial to your health to get an understanding of what stress is and how it is a very real… Read More