How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

protein needs

Quick question: Why do you need protein? Typical answer is it helps to build and repair muscle. That’s part of it but protein confuses quite a lot of people including: How much do I need? What are the best sources? Can I consume too much? Should I be using Whey protein? Why was the ending… Read More

Popular Diets: Breaking Down Each One

popular diets

Answer: Slinkies Hoola Hoop Pet Rock Kim Kardashian Question: name some things that are a meaningless fad.. Ok Maybe the hoola hoop provides some aerobic benefits and the slinky was good until it became a tangled mess. Today we’re looking at fad/popular diets. Some have some merit and some, also like Kim Kardashian, should never… Read More

Stevia: Is It The Best Sweetener Choice?


Warning: This blog contains Breaking Bad spoilers…. It actually does because if you watched the show and are familiar with the relationship between Walter White and Lydia you know how important a role stevia played in THAT situation…. Ok I haven’t actually spoiled a CRUCIAL SCENE but  stevia is being used as a new choice… Read More

Top 5 Reasons You Need More Fiber

Keep yourself regular! How’s that for an awkward intro? Regularity aside the importance of fiber goes further than just keeping things…ahem..moving smoothly. Here’s the benefits of fiber that you might not be aware of but should look to include in your diet. What Is Fiber? Once considered “roughage” fiber is the part of food that… Read More