How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

protein needs

Quick question: Why do you need protein? Typical answer is it helps to build and repair muscle. That’s part of it but protein confuses quite a lot of people including: How much do I need? What are the best sources? Can I consume too much? Should I be using Whey protein? Why was the ending… Read More

Popular Diets: Breaking Down Each One

popular diets

Answer: Slinkies Hoola Hoop Pet Rock Kim Kardashian Question: name some things that are a meaningless fad.. Ok Maybe the hoola hoop provides some aerobic benefits and the slinky was good until it became a tangled mess. Today we’re looking at fad/popular diets. Some have some merit and some, also like Kim Kardashian, should never… Read More

Stevia: Is It The Best Sweetener Choice?


Warning: This blog contains Breaking Bad spoilers…. It actually does because if you watched the show and are familiar with the relationship between Walter White and Lydia you know how important a role stevia played in THAT situation…. Ok I haven’t actually spoiled a CRUCIAL SCENE but  stevia is being used as a new choice… Read More